Cadencefest 2016

Festival of the Unknown April 7 at Classic Piano 8PM.
Featuring Alicia Antoinette opening
Joel Ford Ensemble Headlining

$12 to $18 at the door.

Festival of the unknown is thrilled to invite Joel Ford back to the stage of Classic Piano for what is sure to be an exciting journey through Ford's refreshing and avante gard compositional style. We are also very excited to introduce Alicia Antoinette to our roster of singers. Alicia will be the first opera singer to grace our stage.

Where else can you see such talent and diversity in such an intimate setting? Come delight your aural senses at FOTU!

Joel Ford is an award winning composer and performer of a wide spectrum of musical styles. He finished his BA and MA in music composition from UCSC, before which he studied Jazz and music theory at Cabrillo Community college. His works include a number of pieces for saxophone ensembles, as well as mixed chamber works, solo and choral vocal works, musical theater and opera, jazz ensemble, symphonic band, and pieces for guided group improvisation and game music.

Here is Joel's approximate set list for the evening and a bit about each piece:

Pull: Written for U of O’s Bach Festival composer symposium, this introspective piece tells the story of a forlorn automaton who struggles with its sole purpose. It reluctantly awakens to its task, and contemplates other daydreams, before finally giving in to its own terrifying machinations. This is the only fully notated piece we will be playing tonight.
Three Lights: Three lights was composed as part of a collaboration between Korean and American performers and composers. Using a combination of indeterminate rules and written notation, it imitates and expands on sounds from Korean folk and classical music.
In F (Movements I and III): Modeled after Terry Riley’s “In C,” “F” takes a decidedly different tone, while using similar rules.
Gauss Cannon: The workings of this “Cannon Canon” are meant as an impressionist reflection on the inner workings of the theoretical Gaussian Projectile Accelerator gun, known as a coilgun or Gauss cannon. Performers are to play and repeat the main line, manipulating it however they see fit for each iteration.
Oracle: Oracle is a musical dice game designed to foster strange interaction between musicians. Please join in by imitating, responding to, or cheering on your favorite musician.


Alicia Antoinette is a lyric soprano from Central Oregon. She holds a Master of Arts in Musicology from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a Minor in German from Western Oregon University. She made her opera debut with the University of Oregon's Opera Workshop as Zagna in Adriano Banchieri's "La Pazzia Senile" under the direction of Nicolas Isherwood. She has also played the roles of Voice 1 in Luciano Berio's A Ronne with the University of Oregon Opera Workshop and Frou Frou in Franz Lehar's "The Merry Widow" with Eugene Opera's Artist Mentorship Program. She made her musical theater debut as Hope Harcourt In Cole Porter's "Anything Goes" with Canby Theater. She has studied with Eileen Heaton, Marieke Schuurs, Linda Brice, and is currently studying with Cynthia McGladrey. She hopes you enjoy the set.


We will have our customary free jam at the end and welcome singers and instrumentalists to join in!



Bernard Purdie, drums
David Haney, piano and narration
Adam Lane, bass
Nadya Kadrevis, clarinet
Jeremy Shaskus, sax

Haney and Purdie fit together like interlocking parts of a jigsaw puzzle... These two makes a really strong and fascinating team. Cadence Magazine
Haney tells these tales with the dramatic flair of a Garrison Keillor. Cadence Magazine

Jazz Stories, combines the swinging exciting music with legend
Bernard Purdie and company plus some great orginal stories retold by David Haney. Sonny Rollins, The Bridge Story; John McLaughlin's story about recording with Miles Davis; Gunter Hampel remembers Thelonious Monk; Steve Swallow recalls his trip to Jamaica with Herbie Nichols



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